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Seniors | Wichita, KS Senior Photography

I’ve been busy lately with some fun senior sessions for upcoming grads. I can’t believe that these seniors will be graduating in a little over a month! This year just flew by, but I know that some of them have a major case of senioritis!

Last week I got the privilege of taking Kaitlyn’s senior photos on the track and she really rocked it! She is so beautiful!

Kaitlin Track-2
Kaitlin Track-12
Kaitlin Track-4
Kaitlin Track-3


This week I met Alan on the golf course. Oh my goodness, we had a blast even in some cold winds blowing across the plains! It was beautiful out there. He has a great group of teammates that helped with the shoot. It was an amazing time, but next time I will visit the course when the wind isn’t so crazy!



Westin | Wichita Newborn Photographer

This afternoon, I got to spend some time with a handsome little one month old, Westin. Westin’s mommy teaches at my son’s preschool and is very sweet. I just love the affection that was shown between his two older brothers and him. They think Westin is pretty special and I have to agree! We had a great time!


Jenna | Wichita Newborn Photographer

I got to spend some time with a 6 day new baby girl! Jenna is just beautiful and her mommy is very happy to have her here! Jenna was awake during most of our session. She is so sweet and I was blessed to get to spend some time holding her and taking her photos! Look at those tiny toes!


Tutorial | Directional Light

I wanted to take some free moments to talk about how the direction of the light effects a photo. I am showing two examples of how the direction of the light can render different results for your photos. Below, I asked Eric, my husband, to take a photo of Christopher, GiGi (short for Great-Grandma), and I. I had updated the settings on the camera and then he took a photo with all of us facing a medium-sized south-facing window in GiGi’s apartment. We were at about a 45 degree angle toward the window. Below that I had Eric take a similar photo with Collin instead of Christopher this time with the light facing our side (roughly a 90 degree angle to the window).

Settings: ISO 500, 35mm, f/2.2, 1/160 sec.



Settings: ISO 500, 35mm, f/2.0, 1/250 sec.


See the difference that the direction of the light makes when taking a photo? I prefer the top photo with all of us at a 45 degree angle to the window.

I will also add that she had some blinds that were diffusing the light so that it was not too harsh. Harsh light will create the raccoon eyes effect and other harsh shadows which really don’t compliment the skin.

Settings: ISO 500, 35mm, f/2.0, 1/250 sec.

 GiGi has to be one of my favorite people and we are very close. We caught up on life, I got to share with her some things that are coming up: a brand new bible study, a conference that I will be leading a workshop in and being a mom to my two boys.

Thanks for reading, I hope you  have a terrific week!

Stone/Tormey Family | Wichita Kansas Family Photographer

It was a blustery, cold Kansas afternoon, but these ladies and Erin’s husband braved the brisk air and totally rocked their session. Talk about beautiful on the inside and out; I could feel the love! Thank goodness I had hot chocolate for afterward and Erin’s dog Tillie was on her best behavior except for being a little curious of something in the fields. I am so excited to share these, especially since the girls are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to hear about their Christmas morning! I’m going to need the deets!


Cheung Family | Wichita, KS Family Photographer

I was elated when a sweet friend from high school contacted me to do some family photos! The Misses and I were swimming buddies at Heights High together and logged many a miles in their old pool! We also went to the State Championships together each year. She has such an outgoing, life-of-the-party personality and we meshed pretty well together. “The stars aligned”, as she put it, and we were able to meet up for a quick mini-session. Her two beautiful children are some of the sweetest kids I’ve met. I am glad that I got a chance to finally meet them!


Henderson Family | Wichita, KS Family Photographer

I love the Henderson family for many reasons, but their mom is one of my best friends! They have three beautiful children and are close. Their oldest son is a bit older than our oldest, Christopher, and those two can’t get enough of each other when we’re together. I had the privilege of doing some Christmas photos tonight and we had loads of fun together. I wished that everyone was feeling 100%, but they rallied together and we did our best to laugh and joke around! Here you are sweet friend…


Hackett Family | Wichita Kansas Family Photographer

What do you do when a family wants to take family photos with their sweet dalmatian, Dottie? Well, we took photos at the fire station, of course! A big shout out to Fire Station 13 and our firefighters for letting us borrow their engine! I am so excited about these photos and this family is super fun!

Blog Collage_edited-1

The Hackett’s are KU fans all the way! As we say here in Kansas, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


Kaitlyn | Wichita Senior Portrait Photographer

When Kaitlyn’s mom won the giveaway at the fall festival, I was so excited to find out that I’d get to do Kaitlyn’s senior photos!

I had so much fun with Kaitlyn tonight! She is absolutely beautiful and a very sweet young lady also. I don’t think that she could have picked a better day for photos. She told me that her favorite season is fall, which I love, too. It’s amazing how God just paints all of these beautiful colors during this time of year. Here are some of my favorites from tonight. Enjoy!